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Open Webmail has several abilities and advantages that allow for excellent flexibility and synchronization with your offline e-mail client(s).

E-mail that has been viewed in your Open Webmail inbox...

  • Will be downloaded onto your offline e-mail client and marked as read.
  • Can still be marked as unread if changed so within Open Webmail

E-mail that has been downloaded onto your offline e-mail client...

  • Will be taken off of the server for viewing on your computer
  • Will not be available for viewing in your Open Webmail inbox.

Note that you cannot have any e-mail in your Open Webmail inbox that has been downloaded onto your offline e-mail client, regardless of the status you mark it as (read or unread).

Open Webmail also has its advantages. Mainly, that you can view your e-mail from any internet-connected computer in the world. You can also plan your daily events and reminders with the Open Webmail calendar .

Open Webmail also boasts an easy-to-use, compact, and relatively quick navigational system. You can navigate through all the folders by opening the top left-hand drop menu and selecting the folder you wish to navigate to. It also doubles as displaying the current folder.

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