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The Display Preferences allow you to choose colours, formats, sizes, images, and other display settings.

see the following chart for the display preferences.

Term/Setting What it Sets/Changes
Style Changes the colour scheme of your Open Webmail account
Icon Set Changes the style of the icons/buttons
Background Image Changes the background image of your e-mail. You can choose one of preset images from the drop menu, or use your own URL by typing it in the text field.
Font Size Changes the size of the text in your messages
Messages Per Page Changes the number of messages that are listed per page
Default Sort Selects the default method of sorting e-mail messages
Date Format The format of which the dates are displayed (eg.: MM/DD/YYYY would display 08/28/2002 on August 28, 2002)
Hour Format Sets your hour format to 12 or 24 hour time 
Default Headers Allows you to select what headers are displayed on incoming messages.
Size for Mail Edit Area The size of the area that in which you write your e-mails
Send button position Position the mail operation buttons on top, below, or both top and below of the message text area.
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